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1989 March,Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution1 AMG 2.5 Power Pack Fully documented by AMG Affalterbach Chassis number:WDB2010361F597934 72,902 miles from new(117,300 Kilometers) Grey metallic(199 U) OTR Price £122,950

Detailed description

Offered for sale is this Mercedes-Benz homologation special from the 1980's,known as the 190 Evolution 1,only 502 were built to allow the cars to compete in the German DTM series.A fully documented car with its very rare original AMG engine build documentation and running in papers present.Overall condition can only be described as exemplary.

Spending the first 2 years of its life being owned by a wealthy German enthusiast before being specially exported to Japan where it then resided with Japanese collector until being re-exported back to the UK in 2016 where it now resides in dehumidified classic storage with the engine being run upto temperature to allow all fluids to be circulated properly on a regular basis to ensure the car is ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.Having been clearly cherished from early on in its life in a humid salt free climate in Japan it has survived to this day in truly remarkable condition.Lavished with money no object maintenance with amazingly detailed service records present from the previous owner.

Many of the original production run of the road cars were converted for racing use or used for serious trackday use and then converted back to sell as road cars with the recent sharp increase in values.A classic sign of this being the car will be missing its original very expensive 3 stage ride height adjustable dampers and suspension spheres along with associated plumbing due to either the above or lack of correct maintenance resulting in failure of the system.This original un-abused example fully retains its original factory setup in perfect working order.The hydraulic suspension system has been serviced on a regular basis to ensure correct operation with the hydraulic spheres being replaced as required as detailed in the service logs.ZH-M fluid has been drained,flushed and renewed in the UK to ensure continued perfect operation.The hydro-pneumatic suspension allows a height variation of 3 positions through a range of 30mm via a 3 position dash-mounted switch.

The Evo I featured a new larger spoiler and a widened track with  resulting a wider body, deeper front air-dam and a larger rear spoiler including a wedge section, which helped increase downforce,front inner wingers were enlarged to allow the cars to run racing wheels and tyres.A smaller 1L washer bottle was then mounted.In total 15 body body modification were carried to allow the larger race wheels and tyres to be fitted.The already excellent multi-link MB rear suspension was enhanced with 23% stiffer spring rates & matched shock absorbers compared to the standard 2.5-16's & included SLS suspension to each wheel, providing improved ride & control.The Evo1 is also the lighter of the two Evolution models weighing 1320 kgs  compared to 1340kgs of the Evo2 model.

The Evo I's output was similar to the 202 bhp of the "regular" 2.5-16 but was equipped with a re-designed engine of similar capacity but with a squarer bore & stroke (97.3 / 82.8) to allow for higher rev limits & power in racing applications. On these production models the rev limit was set at 7250 rpm compared to the 7000 rpm of the "cooking" 16V's. Additional changes to engine design included: " lightened rotating masses, improved lubrication and altered camshaft timing ". Cosworth also listed a project code "WAC" for the development of the short-stroke Evolution engine.

Still not having been bought by MB as a subsidiary, an additional Power Pack option engineered by AMG was available separately for the considerable sum of DM 19,000. This expensive (& subsequently very rare) option included longer duration & higher lift camshafts, a larger throttle body, more aggressive ignition and fuel management as well a beautifully crafted tubular exhaust manifold & stainless steel exhaust system. With these improvements, power increased to 225 bhp @ 7200 rpm & Torque at 240 Nm at 5500 rpm. The rev limit was further raised 7,700 rpm.  0-100 km/h (62 mph) via the Getrag dogleg gearbox was dispatched in 7.1 sec. AMG Powerpack equipped models were quoted to give a top speed of 236 kmh (146 mph).

The gearbox was a Getrag 275Z, as fitted to all Cosworth models. This featured a dog-leg 1st gear position, meaning 2nd would be where first usually is - useful with 1st only required to move off from standstill. This had the effect of making gear changes faster between 2nd & 3rd; the speeds used most on twisty country roads. 5th gear was a direct 1:1 drive. For improved acceleration, the LSD's differential final-drive ratio was now 3,46:1 instead of 3,27:1, meaning gear ratios were closer spaced too. Brakes from the R129 SL were fitted with front disc measuring 300mm front & 278mm rear, Standard deeper dish Evo 1 wheels were manufactured by Fuchs & fitted with Conti Sport contact tires 225/50/16.

Exterior paintwork is in concours condition with no pin dents, scratches or prior accident or rust repairs. A lack of stone chips, serves to indicate this car wasn't driven hard, either. Brightwork on the roof & window frames isn't faded, which serves to indicate the car hasn't had heavy exposure to UV over the years. Original 16" wheels have original near new finish with no corrosion whatsoever. This is testament to this car never having been used in winters during it's entire life. As such the underside has no rust at all, a level of condition & integrity rarely found on  these 190 models these days!

A set of 4 original forged Evolution II 17" wheels  (as fitted to later Evo II 190E models) are currently fitted to the car along with four new UK supplied Michellin Pilot Sport4 tyres in a 225/45 ZR17 size. Naturally the original 16" Evolution1 alloy wheels in as new condition are also included with the car to maintain originality and will also be fitted with new tyres in the UK.The car can be fitted with whichever wheels the new owner prefers upon delivery and naturally two sets of wheels are supplied with the car.

Interior is in stunning condition with unmarked leather seats and includes the original fire extinguisher, torch and first-aid kit, all of which are unused. The hifi is a period-looking Clarion unit (USB compatible) but we have also included a period original hifi, for originality. Fitted floor mats are by Yanase, appointed MB importers for Japan. This car hasn't been smoked in, so it has that characteristic MB leather interior smell. Sunroof works perfectly too. The boot area remains presentable and the original Evolution I spare wheel remains unused - complete with a complete & unused tool kit, jack & warning triangle mounted on the boot lid.

The car has received plenty of loving care since arriving to the UK,an extensive pre-delivery inspection has been carried out along with a major service to include engine oil and filter,airfilter,spark plugs,ZH-M fluid flush for the adjustable suspension which this car fully retains and renew gearbox oil and replace Aux drivebelt.Upon our original test drive of the car we detected a very slight whine form the diff,some might dismiss this and live with it but being enthusiasts and perfectionists and wishing to do things the right way the diff was was removed and with close help from Mercedes-Benz UK who have been fantastic a new correct oe Evolution1 3;46:1 crown and pinion gear was sourced for the car at great expense from Mercedes-Benz Germany,stamped with the correct Evo1 part number,the diff was then sent away to be fully rebuilt by experts and the result is a silent LSD with perfect power transfer to the rear wheels,just as it would have been when it left the factory.

Highly collectable - Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution-1's are now strongly sought after as they continue to rise in value strongly but realistically, for cars that have been used on European roads few will remain in as beautifully preserved original rust free condition as this.This example drives beautifully and is one of the best prepared and presented examples anywhere in the world complete with superb provenance.

Priced at £122,950 including 12 months MOT,UK warranty along with a major service plus PDI and detailing with JT's high level of care and preperation.