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1995 June Mercedes-Benz E320 Coupe RHD Chassis number:WDB1240522C250533 74,392 miles from new (119,723 Kilometers) Blue metallic OTR Price £16,795

Detailed description

Offered for sale here is without doubt the nicest Mercedes-Benz W124 E320 we have yet supplied.Combining  timeless good looks,legandary Mercedes-Benz W124 build quality and effortless power from the big M104 3.2L straight six the W124 Coupe is still one of the finest ways to cross continents even to this day over 30 years after they were conceived!Right hand drive E320 Coupes of this spec and condition are extremely rare in Japan and difficult to find so it  took  alot of patience to find this car.Coming from a humid climate and salt free roads condition of this excample will truly delight it’s new owner.Condition is outstanding throughout having been obviously owned by a mature driver and kept under a car port.We are a big fan of  the elegant W124 Coupe body style and were honestly very tempted to keep this car for ourselves given its overall condition being very difficult if not impossible to repeat.

Detailed condition report & observations that follows is from notes we took whilst checking the entire car over for 2 days during preparation for our stock:

Interior: The interior smells good and (from the interior & exterior condition) has clearly been kept garaged and in a city all of its life when not in use. Note the boot area's first aid kit, emergency torch and tool kit are complete & unused. Amazing for a car of this age. Doors shut as effortlessly as the day the car left the factory and sound like a high quality fridge closing with a reassuring solid thud. Leather is in excellent soft & supple condition. Floor mats are in good condition - almost like new and even the boot area looks as if it's barely been used. The wood veneers on the centre console are all in original condition with no cracking, fading or delamination & door trim mahogany veneers are all without cracks too. All electric seat  adjustments work perfectly & silently, incl. head rest height, etc.

It has never been smoked in. Ashtray & cigar lighter are still as new as the day this Benz left the factory, headed for Japan.

We could only find minor creasing to the edge of the driver's upright bolster. If desired, we can get this refinished in UK. It's inexpensive to have small sections of leather restored to new condition by a good leather / upholstery specialist.

Being a Japan spec. car please note the speedometer displays in km/h only. As part of our preparation work in the UK we'll be fitting a dual range (MPH & KM/H) speedometer face for the new owner.

Bodywork as pictures show is excellent. Paintwork is beautifully preserved and we note a lack of stone chips or fading as is common to the side panels, or most of the bodywork incl. the bonnet (indicating this car's been driven slowly). Note there are ZERO pin dents to be found on any of the bodywork, nor any swirl marks. From experience, we can tell this car's always been professionally cared for. The paint is of similar quality as an expensive hand-built luxury car's.

It really is that good. Our pictures although showing a beautiful car, won't do it the justice it'll quietly display when viewed with ones own eyes.

There's some small stone chips on the underside of the front bumper (less than would normally be expected of a car of this age & mileage) & a paint chipped corner of the rear bumper (See pictures on our website's slide-show).As part of our attention to details, when it arrives to the UK, both bumpers are to be removed carefully, dismantled and repaired then repainted to perfect paint match before carefully re-assembling so it all fits perfectly & without faults.

These intended improvements to the car's presentability are mentioned to give a complete report and illustrate the attention to detail we put into completing our cars.

Wheels: Note also the complete lack of corrosion to any of the original wheels. We noted some minor marks & scratches to some of the wheel edges, but otherwise the alloys are in beautiful original condition with no corrosion, which is testament to the care that's been taken with this car. We will be having the wheel edges re-finished so they're near new on condition when the car's finally presented. See original condition pictures on our website's slide show.

Note also  door mirror's rubber boots are both without cracking and ageing, which is usual normal wear & tear on W124's - they all have this, when these parts are still factory original.... NOT this one!Every sign shows it's been garaged since new and driven only on special occasions. Underneath there's no rust to be found on the chassis either. Even the exhaust is still the factory original, with plenty of life in it yet.

If you compare condition of this E320 Coupe with a car that's been in Europe all it's life, you'll probably be shocked at the difference,all panels are beautifully rust free,especially underneath..night and day compared to most originally UK supplied examples.A question we get asked alot is do the Japanese market versions differ in any way to the UK(Europe) supplied cars and the answer is simply no,apart from the speedometer reading in kilometers they are the same cars with the same corrosion protection,the lack of exposure to salt throughout there lives is the key factor here,and as any shrewd classic car enthusiast will tell you is the key to a cars condition after many years.

Engine bay has no corrosion at all, anywhere. Looking inside through the oil filler cap, we could see camshafts are still like new with no crystalised oil deposits, which confirms it's had very regular oil changes with synthetic oil throughout it's life in Japan and the engine is barely worn. Last oil change was less than 1,000km ago (See picture of the sticker on driver's B-Pilar).Signs show this car's been driven slowly and done mostly motorway kms (legal limit is 100 km/h in Japan). We checked and note the engine loom is still soft and pliable, which helps confirm the car hasn't sat in traffic most of it's life. The M104 engine has proven itself as reliable & is known to run without trouble to 500,000km, if properly maintained as it has been to date.

This unique Mercedes W124 E320 Coupe Limited represents a top opportunity to acquire an appreciating classic of best available condition & spec. When it reaches the UK it'll have another full specialist check-over, extensive service and a new MOT plus a MPH speedo conversion, as well as repairs to the small bumper faults described & shown on pictures, so it's fully ready to be fully enjoyed by it's new owner.

This E320 Coupe is expected to arrive to the UK from the end of July.

Price: £16,795. includes 12 months comprehensive warranty, new MOT & UK registration. Contact us for further details of how to reserve this unique example.