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2003 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG Estate Chassis number:WDB2032652F236207 58,374 miles(93,923 Kilometers) Silver metallic OTR Price £SOLD

Detailed description

The AMG C32 Estate is a car that even for ourselves as hopeless petrol heads escaped our attention, disguised as a non-descript car with it's 3.2 litre engine capacity advertised on its rump. It seemed nothing special, really - that was until we noticed the brakes and discreet supercharger badges. Researching this model we realised, aside from its younger 5.5 litre V8 sibling (which made virtually the same power, being normally aspirated), this model was built as a formidable competitor to the E36 M3, producing a heady 349 bhp & 332 lb-ft (@ 4,400 rpm) with the capability of reaching a heady 175 mph (when bereft of the easily removed factory fitted speed restrictor).

Our sort of car this - a proverbial Q-car wolf in sheep's clothing, with only discreet "supercharger" badges on the sides and an AMG on the rear to give away it's performance capabilities.

We've since learnt that changing the supercharger pulleys produced even more power, although in our opinion this really would be excessive. A total of 8,100 of these C32's were made, although most would have been supplied as 4-door saloons. These are rarely seen on U.K roads nowadays and if so, we'd be prepared to bet there are none to be found as rust free & well cared for as this example nowadays.

Contrary to its on-paper spec, peak torque of 332lb-ft at a high 4400 rpm suggests the V6 is a screamer, but the supercharger delivers at least 295lb-ft of torque all the way from 2200 rpm all the way to 6,200. Performance increases weren't achieved simply by mounting the supercharger on Mercedes' 3.2-liter V-6. AMG built each engine with an uprated crankshaft, stronger con rods and pistons, uprated oil pump (with a 70-percent increased capacity to be able to feed the supercharger ample oil for cooling & lubrication), lightweight camshafts & harder valve springs. All this meant the V-6 could spin safely to 6200 rpm, an increase of 200 rpm.

Ceramic thin-wall catalytic converters reduced back pressure and emissions and help boost output to an impressive 349 horsepower at 6100 rpm, 47bhp more than the previous C43 made, and 134 up on the normally aspirated C320. Mercedes built the C32 in its Bremen plant, but each AMG engine was a hand-assembled source of pride. This level of power, mated to a smooth (& very strong) 5 speed transmission, coupled with traction control meant a 5.2 second time 0-60 & onward to 125 mph in just 18.6 seconds.

These were supercar levels of performance when new and still formidable figures today, that make it one of the fastest 5 seater estates available. Naturally, the chassis was unrated, with AMG monoblock brakes to match. Here's an original road test / review from Car & Driver in the U.S.

This particular C32 AMG was originally supplied new in Japan, as a full optioned car. Having only lived it's life on Japan's super smooth roads bereft of salt and other corrosives and only been used as a city car for weekend use, garaged when not & maintained by MB Japan - remarkably, it's still in much the same condition today as when it left the factory in 2002. Our pictures illusitrate its condition, but please pay special attention to the lack of corrosion in the engine bay, underside and on the alloy wheels. You'll find none at all. Now compare to a C32 in the UK (Or any Mercedes of similar age in the UK!) and you'll see the stark difference.

Equipment: This example came with full options for the Japanese market. Rather than listing all it has, here is a link decoding the original chassis number. Specification is complete, inclusive of heated electrically adjustable leather seats, sunroof, auto dimming mirrors, original fitted mats, factory original security system and a lot more besides. We checked and it's all working perfectly. Indeed most electrical problems on older MB's are caused by corrosion to electrical terminals, etc. resulting from years of use in corrosive climates; of which this example has never been exposed to.

If not used all year round and especially if winter roads with salt, grit, sand, etc. are avoided & continues to be well maintained, then it should be expected to remain in beautiful & trouble-free condition for years to come.

Condition & Test drive: As should already be clear, the condition of this example is exemplary. It was clear to us when we found this example (after rejecting several other C32 AMG's, despite being rare cars in Japan) it had always been garaged. Registered in Tokyo since new, it has only been used for pleasure on weekends. Clearly it was owned by a mature driver too; the rear seats would appear to have never been sat in and the luggage compartment was similarly unused. Mostly, it was used by a driver alone. There are no marks that would have been left from carrying heavy goods, or large objects with sharp edges. No such damage at all & it's never been smoked in. We found no signs of drink or food spillage either. Just a perfectly clean car. The bodywork is blemish free with 100% original factory paintwork. A lack of stone chips confirms that the performance available was rarely used, which wouldn't be unusual for a Tokyo car. Most respectable people never break the 120 km/h speed limits (75 mph) in Japan.

We drove this car 75km in order to fully test it & familiarize ourselves with this model and found nothing amiss at all. Fluids are all freshly changed and the car's in perfect working order. There's a couple of light scratches on the wheel edges that we noted (& tyres are high quality and near new also - see individual pictures of wheels in our gallery) and some scratching on the plastic trim for the driver's door release, but essentially this is a flawless example. As mentioned above, look closely at the engine bay & underside pictures. Even the factory original exhausts remain corrosion free. Performance is breathtaking when pressing on. An indecently quick car this, with stonking brakes too.

As value for money, it's hard to think of a better choice amongst all the other cars we offer.

This C32 AMG comes with original manuals and service history.We are confident this car will go to someone who truly appreciates the C class AMG's and wants only the very best C32. Currently safely stored at our facility in Japan this unique AMG C32 can be reserved with a deposit of £1000 for prompt shipment to the UK.

Contact us to secure this example from our stock or source an alternative top condition quality modern classic Performance Import to order.

Price: £SOLD OTR including full UK registration,12 months MOT,service,quality valeting and 3 month warranty package.