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Detailed description

Super rare JDM Peugeot 309GTI 3dr 5 speed manual with just 54,903 miles from new with factory a/c fitted in truly superb condition throughout.Originally supplied new by Austin Rover Japan in 1990 for the Japanese domestic market and with all the right ingredients for a classic hot hatch present we are confident this example will delight its eventual new owner..Original JDM 309 GTI’s are now almost impossible to find and seldom become available for export so we jumped at the chance to own this example and work on it alongside its sister car the 205GTI with the goal of eventually offering the car for sale in Europe.

As expected for a 309GTI that was originally supplied new to Japan rust simply isn't an issue anywhere on this car,the shell is almost as good as the day it rolled off the production line,amazing considering that it's almost 30 years old! Underneath is fantastic with sills,jacking points,brake lines etc still looking almost factory fresh!

This example has received an extensive mechanical servicing program which has been carried out at our UK workshop to ensure it runs perfectly for the new owner to include Petronas 10w40 oil and filter,Bosch spark plugs and airfilter,new ignition leads,distributor cap and rotor arm,coil and ignition module.A new oe Bosch fuel filter and intank fuel pump have also been fitted.Coolant has been drained/flushed and refilled with fresh coolant..A new Dayco cambelt kit has been fitted very recently while the car was still in Japan,good evidence of a caring previous owner!

The engine is smooth and leak free with no smoke present at all indicating the car has’nt led a hard life.The original factory fit catalytic convertor along with the original exhaust is still fitted.Upon first inspection we found the clutch to be slightly weak so we have replaced this with a new oe quality Borg & Beck clutch kit and refilled the gearbox with fresh oil,clutch pedal is now light,smooth and progressive and all gears engage perfectly.

Exterior body is in great shape,finished in Peugeot Embassy black (EXY) it looks superb with a deep lustre to the paint with a deep reflective shine.An original complete set of Speedline alloys are fitted which have been refurbished by Perfection UK along with 4 new matching Toyo proxes T1-R tyres.Chassis wise the car has required very little,just a new set front trackrod ends have been fitted and chassis alignment has been carried out on a Hunter alignment machine.

Original interior is in great shape with no modifications ,a more spacious and comfortable place to cover miles in compared to the 205GTI.Upon first inspection we noticed the lack of any tabacco smells in the cabin and a quick look in the ashtray revealed it to be a non smoker car. Interior has been treated to a good clean with a new set of GTI mats fitted..Original seats both front and rear are in great original shape with no saggying or tears to the bolsters etc.Factory fit sunroof works perfectly with the vacuum operated rubber seal working correctly allowing the sunroof to be slid back and forward with ease..A new set of door seals have been fitted to ensure wind noise is kept to a minimum in the cabin and moisture is kept out.Rare factory fitted a/c is fitted to this example which is fully working and blows ice cold after a service.

Driving this car back to back with the 205GTI highlights Peugeots chassis genius at the time with the same DNA flowing through all of it’s performance models,test drive reports a strong,smooth and healthy engine that pulls well and combined with a brilliant chassis,the 309GTI feels a very balanced car when pushing on,ride quality is very good and performance feels about on par with the 205GTI 1.9.

We’re a big fan of the 309GTI here at JTAutoclassics and find ourselves ever resisting temptation to take this car out for a drive as it always brings a smile to our face,always a sign of a great drivers car..Peugeot 309GTI’s originally suppled new to the Japanese market are now very rare indeed,we have seen a number of 205 GTI’s from Japan to date but this is the only 3dr 309GTi we’ve seen in the last 3 years of looking so we’re thrilled to have been able to buy,work on and drive this example.It’s highly unlikely we’ll find another! This superb Peugeot 309 1.9 GTi is now in the UK stored safely  in our secure workshop and  can be viewed by appointment,also available to export anywhere in the world,just ask us for a shipping quote,we’d be happy to help.

Priced at £15,695 OTR to inc 12 months MOT,3 month warranty and full UK registration along with JT’s high level of care and preparation.

1990 March Peugeot 309 GTI 3dr Supplied new in Japan Chassis number:VF33CDKZ210097349 54,903 miles from new (88,357 kilometers) Embassy black(EXY) OTR Price £15,695