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See what our customers say ..”I very happily collected an almost new looking Mercedes W124 recently - many thanks to James for his sterling work since our first informative chat when I was first considering purchasing the car.Everything was taken care of from collection off the ship,doing all the mechanical checks and servicing - I’m very pleased with the car and absolutely pleased with the service - first class..” Peter

Stock Sold


1999 Volvo V70R AWD Estate

75,756 miles £SOLD

1995 E320E/R1

1995 Mercedes Estate

70,389 miles £SOLD

VW Corrado

1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60

91,800 miles £SOLD

1995 Benz Wagon

1995 Mercedes E320TE Estate

62,304 miles £SOLD

Volvo V70R LB March 18'

1999 Volvo V70R AWD Estate

62,477 miles £SOLD


1999 Volvo V70R AWD Estate

58,311 miles £SOLD

1994 E280 Wagon

1994 Mercedes E280 Estate

31,563 miles £SOLD

E320 Coupe Silver

  1995 Mercedes E320 Coupe

  55,454 miles £SOLD

Intergrale Evo

74,481 miles £SOLD

1992 Lancia Intergrale Evo1

Cougar V6

1999 Ford Cougar VX V6 Auto

45,114 miles £SOLD


2006 Citroen C4 VTS 2.0L

73,515 miles £SOLD

Forester STI

 2006 Subaru Forester STI

 72,398 miles £SOLD

Fabia VRS

2006 Skoda Fabia VRS

69,875 miles £SOLD

BMW 525i

2010 BMW 525i M-Sport Touring

19,370 miles £SOLD

2005 E55 AMG

2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

25,128 miles £SOLD